Is Liv Morgan Married? Unraveling the WWE Star’s Personal Life

Is Liv Morgan Married? Unraveling the WWE Star’s Personal Life

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Some professional wrestling fans have an odd fascination with wrestlers’ personal lives, especially concerning their romantic relationships.

WWE Superstar Liv Morgan (real name Gionna Daddio) frequently faces speculation about her private life, although she prefers to keep it under wraps.

A prevailing rumor is that Morgan is dating wrestler Bo Dallas (real name Taylor Rotunda). This article aims to sift through the speculation and clarify what is actually known about their alleged relationship.

The Origins of the Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas Rumors

The rumors about Morgan and Dallas dating stem from three main sources, none of which are definitive or confirmed by either party.

The first source is a comment from February 2021 by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Meltzer suggested that Dallas and Morgan were living together on a farm they co-owned.

This comment, lacking concrete details, led fans to speculate about a romantic relationship. Given Meltzer’s history of mixing speculation with fact, his report should be taken with caution.

The second source is a June 2021 Reddit post from a fan who claimed to have seen Morgan and Dallas shopping together at a Publix.

While the post included a photo of the pair, it did not provide any information about the nature of their relationship. Nevertheless, this sighting, combined with Meltzer’s report, fueled public opinion that they were a couple.

The third source is a remark by Ric Flair on his podcast in early 2023. Flair mentioned, “Bo is with Liv Morgan now,” while discussing Dallas and his family.

However, Flair himself was uncertain about their relationship status, even questioning if they were married. This offhand comment was enough to convince many fans, but its reliability is questionable.

Speculation and Unfounded Rumors

The lack of confirmed information has led to numerous unfounded rumors and sensational headlines.

Some fans have claimed that Morgan cheated on Dallas or that she was involved with AEW wrestler MJF. These outlandish claims often overshadow the facts and contribute to the frenzy surrounding Morgan’s personal life.

Google Trends data reveals that searches for “Liv Morgan Bo Dallas,” “Liv Morgan husband,” and “Liv Morgan married” are among the top related queries. Despite the public’s curiosity, Morgan has chosen to keep her private life confidential, a decision that should be respected.

Liv Morgan’s Wrestling Career and Public Fascination

Liv Morgan is one of WWE’s top superstars, known for her underdog persona and occasional main event appearances.

Her professional accomplishments are well-documented, but many fans are equally interested in her personal life. Reports suggest that Morgan is currently dating Bo Dallas, a former WWE Superstar and the real-life brother of the late Bray Wyatt.

In late 2022, rumors about Morgan and Dallas’s relationship began to circulate, and in early 2023, Ric Flair hinted at the possibility of marriage on his podcast.

These reports also suggested that Morgan and Dallas were living together on Dallas’s property and had started a real estate business. This business venture indicates the seriousness of their relationship and their plans for the future.

Liv Morgan’s Previous Marriage

Before her rumored relationship with Bo Dallas, Liv Morgan was briefly married to Jake Anderson. The couple began dating in March 2020 and got engaged in October of the same year.

Their relationship was highlighted during WrestleMania 36, but their marriage lasted only 11 months. They lived together in West Palm Beach, Florida, but frequent disputes led to their separation.

Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan’s Past Relationship

Another notable relationship in Morgan’s past is with former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore, now known as Real1. Amore discussed their relationship on Steve Austin’s podcast, sharing stories about teaching Morgan to drive and giving her his

Dodge Dart. Despite their breakup, Amore and Morgan remained friends, and Amore’s stories added another layer to the public’s interest in Morgan’s personal life.


At the end of the day, Liv Morgan’s personal life is her own business. While fans may be curious about her relationships, it is important to respect her privacy.

The rumors about her and Bo Dallas, though persistent, are largely unconfirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt. Morgan continues to focus on her wrestling career, and her private life remains just that – private.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Liv Morgan married?

There is no confirmed information about Liv Morgan currently being married. Rumors have linked her to Bo Dallas, but neither has confirmed their relationship status.

Who is Liv Morgan dating?

Liv Morgan is rumored to be dating former WWE Superstar Bo Dallas. However, this has not been confirmed by either party.

Was Liv Morgan married before?

Yes, Liv Morgan was briefly married to Jake Anderson in 2020, but their marriage lasted only 11 months.

What is the nature of Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas’s relationship?

The nature of their relationship is speculative. They have been rumored to be living together and involved in a real estate business, but these details remain unconfirmed.

How does Liv Morgan handle speculation about her personal life?

Liv Morgan prefers to keep her personal life private and has not publicly addressed the rumors about her relationships.

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