Who Is Gavin Rossdale’s Girlfriend Xhoana X? Xhoana Xheneti and the Gwen Stefani Comparisons

Gavin Rossdale, who was previously married to musician Gwen Stefani from 2002 to 2015, is now making headlines with his relationship with Xhoana Xheneti. Fans are intrigued by Xheneti, and comparisons to Stefani have sparked conversations online.

Who is Xhoana Xheneti?

Xhoana Xheneti is a singer-songwriter who dropped her album “The Villain” in 2021 and followed up with an EP named “Girlgun” in 2023. Known for her “dark electro-pop” style, she hails from Albania and moved to the United States after her parents’ divorce.

Xheneti and Rossdale reportedly began dating in 2023 but chose to keep their romance under wraps until Rossdale shared a photo on Instagram on March 1, 2024, confirming their relationship.

Why the Comparisons to Gwen Stefani?

The comparisons between Xhoana Xheneti and Gwen Stefani stem mainly from their physical resemblance. Both sport long blonde locks and are often seen rocking red lipstick, prompting discussions about their similarities on various online platforms.

A recent Reddit thread shed light on this resemblance, with fans pointing out the uncanny likeness between Xhoana and Stefani in photos circulating online.

Xhoana Xheneti’s Background

Born on February 27, 1989, in Tirana, Albania, Xhoana Xheneti moved to the United States during her formative years, splitting her time between Los Angeles and New York.

With hits like “Deepest Pleasure” and “Slow & Steady,” she’s not only a talented musician but also a fervent traveler, exploring destinations like Milan, Paris, Japan, Italy, and Mexico. Her music draws inspiration from the diverse music scenes she encountered in both Albania and the US.

Rossdale and Xheneti’s Relationship

Gavin Rossdale and Xhoana Xheneti decided to go public with their relationship in March 2024, following two months of keeping it low-key. They made their debut as a couple at the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2024, where Rossdale sported a black jacket and yellow ensemble, while Xheneti stunned in a blue strapless dress.

Their relationship has captured the attention of online audiences, with many noting the striking resemblance between Xhoana Xheneti and Gwen Stefani, not just in looks but also in their fashion sense.

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