Who is Dominik Mysterio Married To? An Insight into His Personal Life and WWE Career

Who is Dominik Mysterio Married To? An Insight into His Personal Life and WWE Career

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Dominik Mysterio, a prominent WWE superstar and member of the famed Judgment Day stable, has recently become the center of attention not only for his in-ring antics but also for significant personal milestones.

Known for his high-flying wrestling style and as the son of the legendary Rey Mysterio, Dominik’s personal life has piqued the interest of fans worldwide, especially concerning his marriage to Marie Juliette Virissimo.

Meeting the Love of His Life

Dominik Mysterio and Marie Juliette’s love story is a heartwarming tale that began long before Dominik’s rise to WWE fame.

The couple first met at the age of 14 during a Spanish class in high school, a class Dominik humorously admits he “should’ve never been in.” This chance meeting led to a blossoming romance that has endured over the years, with Marie playing a pivotal role in shaping Dominik into the man he is today.

Marie Juliette, who is just three months younger than Dominik, has been his steadfast supporter through thick and thin. Her unwavering support was instrumental when Dominik and his father,

Rey Mysterio, made history by becoming the first-ever father-son duo to win the WWE Tag Team titles in 2021. Their victory against Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode at WrestleMania Backlash marked a significant milestone in Dominik’s career.

A Private Yet Celebrated Relationship

Despite the public nature of Dominik’s career, Marie Juliette has managed to keep much of her personal life out of the spotlight. The couple’s relationship has largely been private, with only glimpses shared with the public.

In January 2023, Dominik announced their engagement, much to the delight of fans and fellow WWE superstars. Congratulatory messages flooded in from the likes of Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley, Ivar, R-Truth, and Humberto Carillo.

Dominik and Marie’s wedding took place on March 7, 2024, with notable WWE personalities such as Damian Priest, Austin Theory, and even Rhea Ripley in attendance. This event marked a new chapter in Dominik’s life, further cementing his bond with Marie.

Dominik’s On-Screen Chemistry with Rhea Ripley

Dominik Mysterio’s professional life often intertwines with his personal one, especially concerning his on-screen relationship with Rhea Ripley.

As part of the Judgment Day faction, Dominik and Ripley share a compelling dynamic that has captivated WWE audiences. Despite their on-screen chemistry, it’s clear that this relationship is purely for entertainment, as both have committed relationships outside the ring.

Ripley, who recently got engaged to former WWE star Buddy Mathews, has often been the subject of fan theories and speculations regarding her relationship with Dominik.

These speculations were put to rest following the announcement of Ripley’s engagement, allowing fans to better appreciate the storyline for what it is—a well-crafted piece of wrestling drama.

The Future of Dominik and Marie Juliette

Looking ahead, there is speculation that WWE might involve Marie Juliette in future storylines, similar to how Dominik’s mother and sister have been featured.

This could create new and interesting dynamics, especially given the influence of characters like Rhea Ripley in Dominik’s professional sphere. Whether or not Marie becomes a more public figure, her impact on Dominik’s life and career is undeniable.


Dominik Mysterio’s journey from a high school student meeting his future wife in Spanish class to becoming a WWE superstar is nothing short of inspirational.

His relationship with Marie Juliette Virissimo adds a heartfelt dimension to his larger-than-life persona. As Dominik continues to make waves in the wrestling world, fans will undoubtedly remain intrigued by both his professional achievements and his personal milestones.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Dominik Mysterio married to?
Dominik Mysterio is married to his high school sweetheart, Marie Juliette Virissimo. They first met in a Spanish class at the age of 14 and got married on March 7, 2024.

2. When did Dominik Mysterio and Marie Juliette get engaged?
Dominik Mysterio and Marie Juliette got engaged in January 2023, after over a decade of being together.

3. How did Dominik Mysterio and Marie Juliette meet?
Dominik and Marie met in a Spanish class during high school when they were both 14 years old. This chance meeting led to a long-lasting relationship that eventually culminated in marriage.

4. Will Marie Juliette be involved in WWE storylines?
There is speculation that Marie Juliette might be featured in future WWE storylines, similar to how Dominik’s family members have been involved. However, this has not been confirmed.

5. How has Marie Juliette influenced Dominik Mysterio’s career?
Marie Juliette has been a significant source of support for Dominik throughout his career. Her encouragement has helped him achieve milestones, including becoming the first father-son duo to win the WWE Tag Team titles with his father, Rey Mysterio.

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