Where is Billy Bush Now? An In-Depth Look at His Journey and Current Endeavors

Where is Billy Bush Now? An In-Depth Look at His Journey and Current Endeavors

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For Billy Bush, the last few years have been a whirlwind. Once a prominent entertainment journalist and rising star at the Today show, Bush’s career took a dramatic turn in October 2016.

A leaked videotape from 2005, in which then-Apprentice host Donald Trump made lewd comments about women while Bush laughed along, led to his abrupt firing. The fallout was swift and severe, leaving Bush to navigate a tumultuous period in both his professional and personal life.

The Aftermath of the Scandal

In the wake of the scandal, Billy Bush found himself at a crossroads. Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, Bush, 46, expressed his deep shame and embarrassment over the incident. “I was ashamed and embarrassed,” he admitted. Losing his career was a significant blow, one that he described as “the ultimate degradation” for a man.

The year following the scandal brought further personal upheaval. Bush announced his separation from Sydney Davis, his wife of 19 years, with whom he shares three daughters. Reflecting on this period, Bush said,

“I was a happy-go-lucky guy, and then, kaboom.” Despite the challenges, he did not allow despair to consume him. Instead, he turned to self-reflection and renewed his faith, engaging in daily Bible reading, scripture study, and practicing stoicism.

Embracing Responsibility and Growth

Bush has taken ownership of his role in the controversy, acknowledging his part in what he terms “bystander abuse.” He explained, “By not doing anything, you are endorsing the moment.

I have to live with that.” His perspective, particularly influenced by the #MeToo movement, has shifted significantly. With three daughters of his own, Bush is acutely aware of the importance of advocating for women’s rights and equality in the workplace.

The scandal and its repercussions have prompted Bush to reassess his life and values. “I had some growing up to do anyway in life,” he said. Through extensive self-exploration, he believes he has become a deeper person, using his experiences to inform his purpose going forward.

Bush remains hopeful about his marriage, despite the difficulties that preceded his firing from the Today show. He and Sydney continue to work on their relationship, taking things slowly and appreciating the time they spend together.

Shifting Career Focus

Billy Bush has no plans to return to entertainment journalism. Instead, he has redirected his professional energy toward Beach Whiskey, a spirits company he co-founded, and its brand, American Harvest vodka.

More importantly, Bush is passionate about a forthcoming project inspired by his journey through scandal and redemption. “I have a plan to make this mess my message,” he said, aiming to use his knowledge to help others facing similar challenges.

Despite the dark moments, Bush remains optimistic about the future. “I’ve learned to embrace them,” he noted, adding that he is grateful to be a more conscientious person. This gratitude has given him a renewed zest for life, allowing him to walk again with a spring in his step.

Rediscovering Family Amid the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic unexpectedly brought Bush and his ex-wife, Sydney, closer together. During an episode of Dennis Quaid’s podcast, The Dennissance, Bush shared how the crisis has united his family.

“Every night, I’m with my ex-wife and my kids, and we all have dinner together,” he said. The family enjoys playing games and spending quality time together, which has been a positive outcome of the pandemic.

Reflecting on the Past and Looking Ahead

Bush’s journey has not been without its challenges, but he remains resolute in moving forward. He recently reflected on how the infamous tape affected his reputation and his relationships with his children.

“It’s such an ugly moment. You want to delete it, but you can’t,” he said. The scandal was a source of humiliation and embarrassment, yet he acknowledges that it was a pivotal moment in his life.

Support from friends and the public has played a crucial role in Bush’s recovery. He credits their encouragement with helping him return to the public eye with renewed vigor.

“The public support and private support from friends have been instrumental,” he said. This support has allowed him to transform his experiences into opportunities for growth and to approach life with a more positive outlook.

Billy Bush’s Current Endeavors

Now hosting Extra, Billy Bush has made a return to television with a fresh perspective. Extra Extra, a revamped version of the current show, promises a modern take on pop culture, sports, and politics. “This won’t be like anything you’ve seen before,” Bush enthused about the new show, which premiered in the fall of 2019.

Bush’s transformation is evident in his approach to his work and personal life. He believes that facing adversity has been beneficial, making him a better person. “We all have to be able to evolve as we grow,” he said, emphasizing the importance of learning from challenging experiences.


Billy Bush’s journey from the depths of scandal to a place of redemption and self-improvement is a testament to his resilience.

Despite the setbacks, he has embraced the opportunity to grow and change, using his experiences to inform a new path forward. With renewed faith, a focus on family, and exciting professional projects, Billy Bush is forging a new chapter in his life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Billy Bush now?
Billy Bush is currently the host of Extra, a television show focusing on pop culture, sports, and politics. He has also co-founded Beach Whiskey and is working on a new project inspired by his personal journey.

2. What happened to Billy Bush after the leaked videotape scandal?
After the scandal, Bush was fired from the Today show and faced significant personal and professional challenges. He separated from his wife, Sydney Davis, and went through a period of self-reflection and growth.

3. How did the #MeToo movement influence Billy Bush?
The #MeToo movement profoundly impacted Bush, especially as a father of three daughters. It heightened his awareness of the importance of advocating for women’s rights and addressing issues of inequality and harassment in the workplace.

4. Is Billy Bush still married?
Billy Bush and his wife, Sydney Davis, announced their separation in 2017 and finalized their divorce two years later. However, the pandemic brought them closer, and they continue to co-parent their three daughters.

5. What are Billy Bush’s future plans?
Billy Bush is focusing on his role as the host of Extra and his involvement with Beach Whiskey. He is also passionate about a new project inspired by his journey, which aims to help others facing similar challenges.

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