Piper Niven Husband: A Glimpse into Doudrop’s Life and Career

Piper Niven Husband: A Glimpse into Doudrop’s Life and Career

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Piper Niven, formerly known as Doudrop, has officially entered married life. As a prominent performer on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, she has captured the attention of wrestling fans worldwide. Currently, Niven is involved in a heated feud with Eva Marie. Once allies, their relationship soured when Marie felt that Niven didn’t fulfill her commitments, while Niven believed Marie was exploiting her.

The Personal Side of Piper Niven: Marriage and Happiness

Away from the ring, Piper Niven, whose real name is Kimberly Benson, enjoys a fulfilling personal life. Recently, she shared joyous news with her fans—she is now married. The former Stardom SWA World Champion celebrated her wedding, and the pictures from the event radiate happiness and love. It’s clear that Niven is cherishing this new chapter of her life.

From NXT UK to WWE Raw: Piper Niven’s Wrestling Journey

Niven made her impactful debut on WWE’s main roster in June, showcasing her strength by pinning former SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi. Shortly after, she also secured a victory over Asuka in a tag team match, even without Eva Marie’s help. Despite initial criticism of her new ring name and persona, Niven embraced her role and continued to impress in the ring.

Meeting Vince McMahon: A Memorable Experience

In an interview with Metro, Niven recounted her first encounter with Vince McMahon, expressing her nervousness and excitement. McMahon welcomed her warmly, assuring her they would have fun with her character. Niven, identifying herself as a professional play fighter, found McMahon’s positive reception and ongoing support very encouraging.

Return to WWE Raw and Tag Team Championship

Recently, Piper Niven returned to WWE Raw, joining Chelsea Green in a backstage segment to reclaim their Women’s Tag Team Championship titles. After a brief illness, Niven was cleared to compete again. During her absence, Green attempted to find a temporary partner but faced challenges. Niven’s return promises stability and renewed energy for their championship reign.

Overcoming Adversity: The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Curse

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship has faced numerous obstacles, including injuries and frequent title changes. Since May 2022, the titles have seen nine different sets of champions, often being overshadowed by other storylines. With Niven back in action, there is hope that the championships can regain their prestige and prominence.

Embracing Her True Identity: From Doudrop to Piper Niven

In 2023, during the Royal Rumble, Niven shed the nickname Doudrop and reclaimed her original identity as Piper Niven. The name Doudrop had controversial connotations, which didn’t reflect her capabilities or character as a wrestler. Returning to her original name marked a significant and respectful transition, allowing her to honor her true self and career achievements.

Wrestling Highlights: A Dominant Debut and Future Prospects

Niven’s main roster debut was nothing short of impressive. Facing Naomi, she delivered a powerful performance, securing a win with a combination of strength and skill. Despite Eva Marie’s attempts to overshadow her victories, Niven’s talent shone through. The potential storyline where Niven might turn on Marie promises an exciting future for the WWE universe.


Piper Niven’s journey in WWE is a testament to her resilience, talent, and adaptability. From overcoming initial criticisms to embracing her true identity and achieving success in the ring, Niven continues to be a formidable presence in WWE.

Her recent marriage adds a joyous chapter to her life, showing that she can balance a demanding career with personal happiness. As she continues to entertain and inspire fans, the future looks bright for this remarkable wrestler.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Piper Niven’s husband?
Piper Niven, known in real life as Kimberly Benson, recently married her long-time boyfriend. Details about her husband are kept private, reflecting Niven’s desire to maintain a boundary between her personal and professional life.

2. What happened between Piper Niven and Eva Marie?
Piper Niven and Eva Marie’s relationship deteriorated when Marie felt that Niven did not meet her expectations, while Niven believed Marie was using her for personal gain. This conflict has become a significant storyline in WWE’s Monday Night Raw.

3. Why did Piper Niven change her name from Doudrop?
The name Doudrop had controversial and potentially offensive meanings, which did not represent Niven’s character or her achievements as a wrestler. She reverted to her original name, Piper Niven, during the 2023 Royal Rumble to better reflect her true identity.

4. How did Piper Niven start her WWE career?
Piper Niven started her WWE career in NXT UK before being promoted to the main roster. She made her debut on WWE Raw in June, quickly making a name for herself with dominant performances against well-known wrestlers like Naomi and Asuka.

5. What are Piper Niven’s notable achievements in WWE?
Piper Niven’s notable achievements include winning matches against prominent wrestlers such as Naomi and Asuka shortly after her main roster debut. She has also reclaimed the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship alongside Chelsea Green, demonstrating her resilience and skill.

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