Patricia Arquette’s Husband: From Thomas Jane to Eric White

Patricia Arquette’s Husband: From Thomas Jane to Eric White

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Patricia Arquette, an acclaimed actress known for her roles in Medium, True Romance, and Boyhood, has experienced a dynamic personal life. Her relationships, particularly with her husbands, have often caught public attention.

This article delves into the ups and downs of Patricia Arquette’s marriages, focusing on her relationships with Thomas Jane and her current partner, Eric White.

Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane: A Complex Relationship

Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane, both prominent actors, initially met through mutual friends in 2001. Their relationship blossomed quickly, leading to their marriage in May 2006 in Italy.

The couple welcomed their daughter, Harlow Olivia Calliope, in February 2003. Despite their shared love and family, their relationship faced significant challenges.

In January 2009, Arquette filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. However, the couple managed to reconcile later that year, demonstrating their commitment to each other and their daughter. Despite their efforts, the reconciliation was short-lived. In 2010, they decided to part ways permanently.

A representative for Jane confirmed the split, emphasizing that it was amicable and that their primary focus remained their daughter, Harlow. The couple requested privacy during this period, aiming to shield their daughter from the public eye.

Arquette’s divorce filings sought sole legal and physical custody of Harlow, with visitation rights for Jane. She did not seek spousal support and requested that Jane also be denied any. Their marriage officially ended in 2011, closing a significant chapter in Arquette’s life.

Patricia Arquette’s Life Post-Divorce

After her split from Thomas Jane, Patricia Arquette continued to focus on her career and family. She has a son, Enzo, from a previous relationship with musician Paul Rossi.

Arquette’s professional life flourished as she took on challenging roles in television and film, earning critical acclaim and numerous awards.

In 2012, Arquette’s sister, Rosanna Arquette, experienced her own marital challenges. Rosanna’s fourth marriage, to investment banker Todd Morgan, ended in divorce in early 2022 after nearly nine years.

Todd cited irreconcilable differences and requested that the court honor their prenuptial agreement, which kept their assets separate. This echoed the Arquette family’s recurring theme of balancing public careers with private life challenges.

Patricia Arquette and Eric White: A New Chapter

Patricia Arquette’s personal life took a positive turn when she met painter Eric White. The couple has been together since at least 2014, marking a significant period of stability and support in Arquette’s life.

Their relationship became public during the promotion of Arquette’s film Boyhood, where they were first photographed together.

Eric White, a well-respected artist, has been a supportive partner for Arquette. Their relationship was highlighted during the premiere of Arquette’s Hulu series The Act in 2019, where Arquette introduced White as her boyfriend.

The couple appeared deeply in love, with Arquette frequently mentioning how White’s support helped her decompress from the intense and dark roles she portrayed.

The Role of Relationships in Patricia Arquette’s Life and Career

Patricia Arquette’s relationships have significantly impacted her life and career. Her marriage to Thomas Jane and subsequent divorce shaped her personal narrative, while her current relationship with Eric White provides stability and support.

Arquette has spoken candidly about the importance of accepting partners for who they are and balancing career and personal life. Her experiences reflect a broader challenge faced by many in the entertainment industry: maintaining a successful career while nurturing meaningful personal relationships.


Patricia Arquette’s journey through marriage and relationships has been marked by love, challenges, and growth. From her tumultuous relationship with Thomas Jane to her supportive partnership with Eric White, Arquette has navigated her personal life with resilience.

Her story serves as a testament to the complexities of balancing a high-profile career with the demands of personal relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Patricia Arquette’s current partner?

Patricia Arquette is currently in a relationship with painter Eric White. They have been together since at least 2014 and often appear together at public events.

When did Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane get married?

Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane were married in May 2006 in Italy. They met through friends in 2001 and have a daughter named Harlow.

Why did Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane divorce?

Patricia Arquette filed for divorce from Thomas Jane in January 2009, citing irreconcilable differences. Although they reconciled later that year, they ultimately decided to divorce in 2010.

Does Patricia Arquette have children?

Yes, Patricia Arquette has two children. Her daughter Harlow is from her marriage to Thomas Jane, and she has a son named Enzo from a previous relationship with musician Paul Rossi.

How has Patricia Arquette balanced her career and personal life?

Patricia Arquette has often spoken about the challenges of balancing her career and personal life. She emphasizes the importance of accepting partners for who they are and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Her current relationship with Eric White has provided her with significant support in managing these demands.

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