Naomi Osaka Baby: Celebrating the Arrival of Baby Shai

Naomi Osaka Baby: Celebrating the Arrival of Baby Shai

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Naomi Osaka, the four-time Grand Slam singles champion, and her boyfriend, American rapper Cordae, recently became new parents, welcoming their first child, a daughter named Shai, in July 2023.

This joyous news followed their announcement of the pregnancy five months earlier in January via Instagram. Osaka’s heartfelt post included an ultrasound image and a message reflecting on this new chapter in her life.

“I can’t wait to get back on the court, but here’s a little life update for 2023,” Osaka wrote in her post. The note, written in both English and Japanese, shared her thoughts on the journey ahead.

“The past few years have been interesting, to say the least, but I find that it’s the most challenging times in life that may be the most fun. These few months away from the sport have really given me a new love and appreciation for the game I’ve dedicated my life to,” she added.

Naomi Osaka’s Journey to Motherhood

During her pregnancy, Naomi Osaka remained active and engaged with her fans. In a post from her baby shower, she shared the excitement of expecting a baby girl, with photos from a princess-themed celebration adorned with pink and purple balloons. Although she knew the baby’s gender since February, Osaka had kept it a surprise from Cordae.

Osaka’s dedication to tennis remains strong despite her new role as a mother. Just six weeks after Shai’s birth, Osaka resumed her training, sharing glimpses of her intense workouts on social media. She expressed her eagerness to return to the court and compete in the 2024 Australian Open.

Shai: The Special Meaning Behind the Name

In early 2023, Naomi Osaka hinted at choosing a unique name for her baby. This was confirmed when Cordae announced their daughter’s name during a concert at Canada’s Calgary Stampede in July 2023. “My daughter Shai was just born a couple of days ago, so I dedicate this performance to my baby girl Shai,” he told the audience.

The name Shai holds a special meaning, translating to “God’s gift.” Osaka explained to ESPN why this name was chosen, emphasizing that she wanted her daughter to feel cherished and special.

“That’s how I wanted her to feel, like she’s God’s gift to me and her dad,” she said. Reflecting on motherhood, Osaka shared, “It’s definitely a weird feeling knowing that someone relies on me,” but she finds comfort in being able to reach out to her own mother for guidance.

Creating a Serene Space for Shai

The nursery for baby Shai is a testament to Naomi Osaka’s desire to create a peaceful and serene environment. Designed with the help of Crate & Kids, the nursery features a calming cloud theme, complete with a mural that enhances the tranquil atmosphere. Osaka shared that the most challenging part of the design process was choosing a theme, but ultimately, the cloud motif felt perfect.

Key pieces in the nursery include a comfortable rocking chair, a daybed, and personal touches like photos of a sleeping bear and tiger. These elements were chosen to create a space that is not only functional but also filled with items that bring Osaka peace and comfort.

Naomi Osaka’s Commitment to Mental Health

As a new mother, Naomi Osaka is deeply committed to prioritizing mental health for her child and other children worldwide.

She teamed up with Modern Health to launch a collection of children’s meditations aimed at promoting mental health and wellness. With the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey highlighting a youth mental health crisis, Osaka hopes to make a positive impact by sharing her own experiences and being a resource for young people.

Osaka’s dedication to mental health is also a personal mission. She wants to be the best version of herself for her daughter, Shai, and for other young people who look up to her. “For me, I just want to be the best version of myself,” she told PEOPLE. “Obviously, I’ve never been a mother before, so I’m taking it day-by-day and just trying to be someone that my son or daughter will be proud of.”

Naomi Osaka’s Return to Tennis

Despite the demands of motherhood, Naomi Osaka is determined to return to professional tennis.

She has already begun rigorous training, sharing updates with her followers and expressing her excitement about competing again. “2023 will be a year full of lessons for me, and I hope I’ll see you guys at the start of the next one because I’ll be at Aus 2024. Love you all infinitely,” she wrote on Instagram.

Conclusion: Embracing Motherhood and Career

Naomi Osaka’s journey into motherhood has been a beautiful blend of excitement, love, and new challenges. With the support of her partner Cordae, she has embraced this new role while remaining committed to her tennis career and mental health advocacy.

Baby Shai’s arrival has added a new dimension to Osaka’s life, one filled with joy, purpose, and a renewed appreciation for the sport she loves.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Naomi Osaka’s baby born?

Naomi Osaka and her boyfriend Cordae welcomed their daughter, Shai, in July 2023.

What is the meaning behind the name Shai?

The name Shai means “God’s gift,” symbolizing how Naomi Osaka and Cordae view their daughter as a precious blessing.

How did Naomi Osaka announce her pregnancy?

Naomi Osaka announced her pregnancy in January 2023 via Instagram, sharing a carousel of images including an ultrasound photo and a heartfelt message.

Will Naomi Osaka return to professional tennis?

Yes, Naomi Osaka plans to return to professional tennis. She has already resumed training and aims to compete in the 2024 Australian Open.

What theme did Naomi Osaka choose for her baby’s nursery?

Naomi Osaka chose a cloud theme for her baby Shai’s nursery, creating a serene and peaceful environment with the help of Crate & Kids.

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