Leo Schofield Wife: The Harrowing Case of Leo Schofield and the Quest for Justice

Leo Schofield Wife: The Harrowing Case of Leo Schofield and the Quest for Justice

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For over three decades, Leo Schofield Jr. has been languishing in a Florida prison, convicted of murdering his wife, Michelle Schofield. Despite maintaining his innocence, he has been denied parole multiple times, even after another convicted murderer confessed to the crime.

The Background of Leo Schofield’s Incarceration

Leo Schofield’s journey through the criminal justice system has been fraught with controversy and despair. In 1987, the body of Michelle Schofield, just 18 years old, was discovered in a drainage canal in Lakeland, Florida, bearing 26 stab wounds.

Suspicion swiftly turned to Leo, her husband of six months. At trial, the prosecution painted Leo as a violent and abusive spouse. Witnesses testified to his supposed volatile nature, with one neighbor claiming to have seen him moving a large object, potentially a body, on the night of Michelle’s murder. Despite the lack of physical evidence linking Leo to the crime, he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in 1989.

The Fight for Leo Schofield’s Freedom

Supporters of Leo Schofield, including criminal justice advocates and organizations like The Innocence Project of Florida, have tirelessly worked to prove his innocence.

Their efforts gained momentum when Jeremy Scott, a convicted murderer serving a life sentence for an unrelated crime, confessed to killing Michelle Schofield. Despite Scott’s detailed confession, including how he came across Michelle at a pay phone and later stabbed her, Leo’s requests for a new trial were denied.

The Role of Evidence and Legal Roadblocks

The case against Leo Schofield has faced numerous challenges due to the initial investigation’s flaws. Notably, fingerprints found in the Schofields’ car, unidentified until 2004, matched Jeremy Scott.

This crucial piece of evidence emerged thanks to the persistence of Leo’s second wife, Crissie, a social worker he met in prison. Despite Scott’s fingerprints being a significant breakthrough, a judge still denied Leo a new trial, a decision upheld on appeal.

The Impact of “Bone Valley” Podcast

The podcast “Bone Valley,” hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gilbert King, has brought renewed attention to Leo Schofield’s case.

The series delves deeply into the errors and inconsistencies of the prosecution, including the lack of physical evidence and inadequate defense representation. The podcast portrays a deeply flawed judicial process, advocating for Leo’s innocence and calling for justice.

Parole Hearings and Recent Developments

Leo Schofield’s parole hearings have been moments of high tension and anticipation. Despite overwhelming support for his release, including from Melinda N. Coonrod, the chair of the Florida Commission on Offender Review, Leo remains in prison.

In his latest hearing, the board extended his incarceration by a year and transferred him to the Everglades Correctional Institution near Miami, where he will participate in a transitional program for long-term inmates. This decision, although disappointing to his supporters, marks a step towards potential release.

Leo Schofield’s Life Behind Bars

Throughout his 34 years in prison, Leo Schofield has exemplified resilience and personal growth. He remarried and adopted a daughter, who has since made him a grandfather. He also earned a bachelor’s degree from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, proving his commitment to self-improvement and education.

The Continued Quest for Justice

Leo Schofield’s story is a stark reminder of the potential miscarriages of justice within the legal system. His supporters, including former judge Scott Cupp, who resigned to fight for Leo’s release, continue to push for his exoneration. Despite the parole board’s recent decision, they remain hopeful and determined to clear Leo’s name.


The case of Leo Schofield is a compelling example of the complexities and potential flaws in the criminal justice system. While he remains incarcerated, the fight for his freedom and justice for Michelle Schofield continues. With each passing year, the call for a thorough re-examination of the evidence and a fair trial grows louder, fueled by unwavering supporters and new revelations brought to light by investigative efforts like the “Bone Valley” podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Leo Schofield?
Leo Schofield is a man who has been imprisoned for over 34 years for the murder of his wife, Michelle Schofield, despite maintaining his innocence and the confession of another man to the crime.

2. What is the significance of the “Bone Valley” podcast?
The “Bone Valley” podcast has brought significant attention to Leo Schofield’s case, highlighting errors in the prosecution and advocating for his innocence. It has played a crucial role in garnering public support and raising awareness about potential miscarriages of justice.

3. What evidence supports Leo Schofield’s innocence?
Key evidence supporting Leo Schofield’s innocence includes the confession of Jeremy Scott, whose fingerprints were found in the Schofields’ car. Scott’s detailed account of the murder aligns with other circumstantial evidence that was not adequately considered during Leo’s trial.

4. How has Leo Schofield’s life been in prison?
In prison, Leo Schofield has focused on personal growth, earning a bachelor’s degree, remarrying, and maintaining strong family ties. His conduct has been exemplary, further strengthening the argument for his release.

5. What are the next steps for Leo Schofield’s case?
The next steps involve continued advocacy for Leo’s exoneration, further legal appeals, and potential parole hearings. His supporters remain committed to proving his innocence and securing his release from prison.

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