Jane Krakowski’s Husband: Unveiling the Star’s Romantic Journey

Jane Krakowski’s Husband: Unveiling the Star’s Romantic Journey

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Jane Krakowski, the beloved actress known for her roles in “30 Rock” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” has a personal life that’s as intriguing as her career. Recently, news broke about her relationship with the renowned architect David Rockwell, putting an end to various rumors and speculations.

Jane Krakowski and David Rockwell: A Perfect Match

Jane Krakowski, 52, and David Rockwell, 64, have been dating since at least March 2019. Their relationship became public when they were photographed together at the Broadway opening of “Kiss Me Kate.” The couple’s romance was first reported by Page Six, and PEOPLE confirmed the news, though Krakowski’s representative offered no comment.

The Rumor Mill: Debunking False Claims

Before confirming her relationship with Rockwell, Krakowski was linked to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell by a tabloid report. Krakowski’s representative quickly denied these claims, stating, “Jane has never met Mr. Lindell.

She is not and has never been in any relationship with him, romantic or otherwise.” Lindell also denied the report, calling it a “bold-faced lie” and emphasizing that he is single.

The Glamorous Life of David Rockwell

David Rockwell, a New York City-based architect, is the founder of Rockwell Group. Established in 1984, his firm is renowned for its innovative designs in restaurants, hotels, airport terminals, hospitals, festivals, museum exhibitions, and Broadway sets.

Rockwell’s background in theater significantly influences his architectural style, blending technology and craft to create unique narratives for each project.

Rockwell’s contributions extend beyond his architectural achievements. He is actively involved in several charities, such as the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA),

Citymeals on Wheels, and the New York Restoration Project. His outstanding work has earned him numerous awards, including a Tony Award for Best Scenic Design for the musical “She Loves Me” in 2016.

Jane Krakowski’s Past Relationships

Before her relationship with Rockwell, Krakowski was engaged to Robert Godley, a clothing designer. The couple dated for over a year before Godley proposed during the holidays, and Krakowski expressed her happiness publicly. Together, they share a son, Bennett, who is now nine years old.

Krakowski and Rockwell’s Public Appearances

Since the news of their relationship broke, Krakowski and Rockwell have been seen together at several public events.

In March 2019, they attended the Broadway opening of “Kiss Me Kate.” Later that year, in October, they were spotted cuddling at Bette Midler’s Hulaween event. The couple also celebrated Rockwell’s 60th birthday at Central Park Zoo in July 2020, further solidifying their bond.

Handling the Spotlight with Grace

Despite the rumors and media frenzy, Krakowski remains focused on her career and personal happiness. The actress, who has been nominated for an Emmy Award for her role in “30 Rock” and a Golden Globe for “Ally McBeal,” continues to excel professionally while enjoying her relationship with Rockwell.


Jane Krakowski’s journey with David Rockwell exemplifies how love can blossom amid the demands of a high-profile career. Their relationship, built on mutual respect and shared interests, continues to thrive as they navigate their lives together.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Jane Krakowski’s current partner?
Jane Krakowski is currently dating renowned architect David Rockwell. They have been together since at least March 2019.

2. What was the false rumor about Jane Krakowski’s relationship?
A tabloid report falsely linked Jane Krakowski to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. Both Krakowski and Lindell denied the rumors, stating they had never met.

3. What is David Rockwell known for?
David Rockwell is known for his innovative architectural designs, particularly in restaurants, hotels, and Broadway sets. He is the founder of Rockwell Group and has won numerous awards, including a Tony Award.

4. Did Jane Krakowski have any significant relationships before David Rockwell?
Yes, Jane Krakowski was previously engaged to clothing designer Robert Godley. They share a son named Bennett.

5. How has Jane Krakowski balanced her career and personal life?
Jane Krakowski has managed to balance her successful acting career with her personal life by focusing on her happiness and maintaining a low profile regarding her relationships. She continues to thrive in both areas.

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