Is Peso Pluma Still Alive? The Rising Star of Mexican Music

Is Peso Pluma Still Alive? The Rising Star of Mexican Music

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Backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards last month at the Prudential Center in Newark, Peso Pluma, an unexpected Mexican superstar, gathered his band for an inspirational talk. This historic night marked Peso’s debut as the first Mexican artist to perform on the prestigious show. Before the dress rehearsal of his song “Lady Gaga,” he took a moment to reminisce with his long-time musicians, acknowledging their role in his success. The emotional scene ended with most of the band members walking out in tears.

Peso was reflective due to the significant milestone he was about to achieve. However, a shadow loomed over the event. Earlier that morning, news from Mexico reported threatening banners in Tijuana, signed by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, demanding that Peso cancel his upcoming concert in the city, threatening his safety.

El Gordo y La Flaca

Despite the presence of personal security guards, Peso pressed on. Before hitting the red carpet, he and his manager, George Prajin, strategized on handling non-musical questions. Peso then confidently engaged with the media, displaying his charismatic personality in interviews with “Entertainment Tonight” and “El Gordo y La Flaca.”

The following day at the Hard Rock Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, Peso, despite a late night of celebration, emphasized the importance of his VMA performance. “I took it as an opportunity to show the world what I had,” he said. “I wanted all these artists to get to know me, my work, and the genre I represent.” Peso Pluma, at 24, reigns as the king of corridos tumbados, a modern twist on traditional Mexican music, blending hip-hop and reggaeton influences with traditional sounds.

In July, Peso’s third studio album, “Génesis,” debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard all-genre album chart, the highest position ever for an album of regional Mexican music. It has shown remarkable staying power, remaining in the Top 10 for over a dozen weeks. On Spotify alone, his songs have garnered billions of streams.

Historically, Mexican American musical crossover moments in the U.S. have been rare. Artists like Kid Frost, Selena, Frankie J, and Baby Bash achieved limited crossover success while staying true to regional Mexican music traditions. Peso Pluma, however, has transformed this music from regional to global. He has collaborated with artists from across the Spanish-speaking world, including Puerto Rican rapper Eladio Carrión, Dominican dembow star El Alfa, and Argentine producer Bizarrap. His song “Ella Baila Sola” with Eslabon Armado was the first Mexican song to hit the Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Born Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija in Guadalajara, Peso spent part of his childhood in Sinaloa, drawing inspiration from Chalino Sánchez, a seminal narcocorridos singer. Peso admired Sánchez’s unique voice and storytelling style, particularly his ability to sing both corridos and romantic songs. Another influence was Ariel Camacho, known for his guitar skills, who tragically died in a car accident in 2015.

Mexican artist

Despite his love for traditional Mexican music, Peso did not conform to its aesthetics. “Since I was a kid, my favorite genres have always been reggaeton and hip-hop,” he said. He spent his teenage years in San Antonio and New York, gravitating towards artists like Kanye West and Drake. This influence is reflected in his fashion choices, which resemble those of a rapper more than a traditional Mexican artist.

At the VMAs, Peso stood out in all black, resembling a luxury spider with his wide puffy vest, crinkly pants, short leather gloves, and boxy sunglasses. Backstage, he participated in a popular TikTok interview about his outfit, which garnered over 10 million views.

Peso’s path to the MTV stage was nonlinear and rapid. He released two albums in the early 2020s as the corridos tumbados scene emerged. His early chart successes were largely collaborations with artists like Natanael Cano and Fuerza Regida. Despite his diverse musical themes, including romantic songs, boastful tracks, and narcocorridos, some of his work led to threats against him.

While Peso has managed to maintain friendships with many collaborators, there have been rumored tensions, notably with Jesus Ortiz Paz of Fuerza Regida. Peso chooses to focus on positivity, avoiding discussions about conflicts.

Peso Pluma’s rise has pushed other artists to elevate their performances. On stage, he and his band exhibit controlled jubilation, setting a high standard for live performances. His unique style, including his distinctive mullet, has become a fashion statement, sparking discussions even in the broader pop culture context.

Despite his rapid ascent

Peso faces anxiety and mental health challenges. His Tijuana concert was eventually canceled due to safety concerns, highlighting the serious threats he faces. His manager, Prajin, emphasizes the importance of security, mental health, and physical health for Peso.

Despite these challenges, Peso remains committed to his music and his fans. He recently announced shows in three other Mexican cities, expressing his sense of safety through spirituality. Prajin suggests that Peso’s music might evolve as his fame grows, potentially incorporating more love songs and diverse fusions.

Peso’s success has attracted numerous collaboration requests from various genres. He plans to release a reggaeton EP and collaborate with American rappers, including Cardi B, ASAP Rocky, and Post Malone. He hopes his success will pave the way for other Mexican artists, opening new opportunities beyond the VMAs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Peso Pluma

Is Peso Pluma still alive?
Yes, Peso Pluma is still alive. Despite facing threats and challenges, he continues to perform and produce music.

What genre of music does Peso Pluma perform?
Peso Pluma is known for corridos tumbados, a modern version of traditional Mexican music that blends hip-hop and reggaeton influences with traditional forms.

What is the significance of Peso Pluma’s performance at the VMAs?
Peso Pluma’s performance at the VMAs marked the first time a Mexican artist performed at the event, highlighting his role in bringing regional Mexican music to a global stage.

Has Peso Pluma faced any threats?
Yes, Peso Pluma has faced threats, including those from cartels demanding he cancel concerts. Despite this, he continues to perform and produce music with heightened security measures.

What are Peso Pluma’s future plans?
Peso Pluma plans to release a reggaeton EP and collaborate with various American rappers. He hopes to continue expanding his musical influence and open new doors for Mexican artists.

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