Is Nelly and Ashanti Married Already?

Is Nelly and Ashanti Married Already?

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Nelly and Ashanti’s relationship has been a rollercoaster ride, full of surprising twists and turns. Fans have been eagerly following their journey, and recent news has left everyone buzzing. Are Nelly and Ashanti married already? The answer is yes, and they have been for quite some time. Let’s dive into the details of their secret wedding, rekindled romance, and what the future holds for this beloved couple.

The Secret Wedding

According to documents obtained by PEOPLE, Ashanti, 43, and Nelly, 49, tied the knot on December 27, 2023. The couple managed to keep their wedding a secret for six months, despite their high-profile status. TMZ was the first to break the news, revealing that the couple had quietly exchanged vows. Public records show that their marriage was officially recorded in St. Louis County, where Nelly hails from.

A Rekindled Romance

Nelly and Ashanti’s relationship timeline is nothing short of a Hollywood movie plot. They first started dating in the early 2000s but called it quits in 2013. After a decade apart, they rekindled their romance in 2023. The couple announced their engagement and pregnancy with their first child in April 2023, but kept their wedding under wraps.

The Proposal

Ashanti recently shared details about the proposal with Entertainment Tonight. She described it as a “beautiful, intimate moment” at home. The proposal caught her completely off guard. “I definitely had one of his T-shirts and his boxers,” Ashanti recalled, laughing about how casual the moment was.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

In May 2023, Ashanti celebrated her first Mother’s Day as an expecting mother. She shared the joyous occasion on Instagram, posting photos of herself with Nelly and their families. “This Mother’s Day was so special,” she captioned the post, expressing her gratitude and excitement for the journey ahead.

Public Reaction and Speculations

Fans and media outlets have been speculating about Nelly and Ashanti’s relationship for months. The couple’s public appearances and flirtatious interactions fueled rumors of a rekindled romance. When they announced their engagement and pregnancy, the internet went into a frenzy. However, the revelation of their secret wedding was the biggest surprise of all.

Looking Forward

As Nelly and Ashanti prepare for the arrival of their first child together, they are also planning their future. Although they have legally tied the knot, it is unclear if they will have a public wedding ceremony for family and friends. Given their love for keeping things private, they might continue to surprise their fans.


Nelly and Ashanti’s love story is a testament to the power of second chances. After years apart, they found their way back to each other and have been quietly building a life together. Their secret wedding is just one chapter in their ongoing romance, and fans are eagerly awaiting the next developments. Whether they decide to have a public ceremony or continue to keep things private, one thing is clear: Nelly and Ashanti are deeply in love and excited about their future together.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Nelly and Ashanti married already?
Yes, Nelly and Ashanti have been secretly married since December 27, 2023. They managed to keep their wedding a secret for six months before the news broke out.

2. When did Nelly and Ashanti get back together?
Nelly and Ashanti rekindled their romance in 2023, a decade after their initial breakup in 2013. They announced their engagement and pregnancy in April 2023.

3. How did Nelly propose to Ashanti?
Nelly proposed to Ashanti in a casual and intimate setting at home. Ashanti described the moment as beautiful and unexpected, as she was dressed in one of Nelly’s T-shirts and boxers.

4. Are Nelly and Ashanti expecting a child?
Yes, Ashanti is expecting her first child with Nelly. They shared the news of their pregnancy along with their engagement announcement in April 2023.

5. Will Nelly and Ashanti have a public wedding ceremony?
It is unclear if Nelly and Ashanti will have a public wedding ceremony. While they are legally married, they have kept many details of their relationship private, so they might choose to keep their wedding celebrations intimate as well.

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