Howie Mandel’s Wife: The Remarkable Journey of Terry Mandel

Howie Mandel’s Wife: The Remarkable Journey of Terry Mandel

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Howie Mandel, the famous comedian and host of “America’s Got Talent,” has been married to his wife, Terry Mandel, for over 40 years. Their love story, which began in their childhood, has blossomed into a remarkable partnership filled with humor, mutual support, and numerous shared milestones.

High School Sweethearts: The Beginning of Howie and Terry Mandel’s Love Story

Howie Mandel and Terry Mandel (née Soil) first met as children in Toronto, Canada. Both attended William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute, and their first interaction was quite memorable. As Howie recalled on “Today with Hoda & Jenna,” he borrowed money from Terry to buy french fries. This seemingly trivial moment sparked the beginning of a lifelong relationship. Over the years, their bond strengthened, leading to their marriage on March 16, 1980.

A Humorous and Unconventional Proposal

Howie’s proposal to Terry was anything but conventional, fitting perfectly with his comedic persona. While sitting in a deli, Howie placed a loose diamond on the table and told Terry to make a ring if she wanted one. This lack of traditional romance highlighted their unique relationship dynamic. Howie humorously admits that neither he nor Terry are particularly romantic, sharing anecdotes like the one time he brought home flowers, only to have Terry question where he got them from.

Family Life: Raising Three Children

Howie and Terry Mandel share three children: a son, Alex, born in 1989, and two daughters, Jackie and Riley, born in 1984 and 1992, respectively. Their family has grown over the years, with Howie and Terry becoming grandparents to Jackie’s children, Abbey and Axel.

The Mandel family has faced challenges, especially regarding mental health, but they have always supported one another. Howie and Jackie have both been open about their struggles with anxiety and OCD, and their candidness has helped destigmatize these conditions.

Terry Mandel’s Professional Life

Terry Mandel is not only Howie’s wife but also a successful television producer and talent agent. She has worked on various projects, including the 1985 TV special “Howie Mandel: Live from Carnegie Mall.” Together, they own The Abstract Talent Agency, based in Los Angeles. Terry’s encouragement has been crucial to Howie’s career, especially when she persuaded him to host the game show “Deal or No Deal,” which became a significant success.

Shared Humor: The Glue of Their Relationship

Humor has always been a cornerstone of Howie and Terry’s relationship. Howie often jokes about their marriage, including a quip about Terry being in love with Bradley Cooper. Their shared sense of humor was evident during their honeymoon, which included a visit to a comedy club. Howie’s appreciation for Terry’s wit is clear, and he often mentions that her humor is one of the qualities that attracted him to her.

Animal Lover: Terry Mandel’s Compassionate Side

Terry’s love for animals is well-known. Howie once rented an elephant for her birthday, although the surprise did not go as planned. Despite the mishap, Terry’s passion for animals remains strong. She frequently shares photos of her dogs on Instagram, showcasing her deep affection for her furry friends.

Supporting Howie Through His Struggles

Howie Mandel has been open about his struggles with anxiety and OCD, conditions that have significantly impacted his life. Throughout these challenges, Terry has been a steadfast source of support. Howie credits her and their children for helping him cope during difficult times. Terry’s ultimatum about seeking help for his mental health was a turning point for Howie, leading him to therapy and medication.

A Scary Incident and a Full Recovery

In February 2024, Terry experienced a frightening fall during a trip to Las Vegas, resulting in significant injuries. Howie recounted the incident on “Live with Kelly and Mark,” describing how Terry, feeling tipsy, accidentally walked into a wall and fell, hitting her face. The injuries were severe, but Terry has since made a full recovery. Howie’s recounting of the event, filled with humor and love, highlighted his devotion to his wife.

Conclusion: A Love Built on Humor, Support, and Resilience

Howie and Terry Mandel’s relationship is a testament to enduring love, mutual support, and a shared sense of humor. From their humble beginnings in Toronto to their lives as parents and grandparents, they have navigated life’s ups and downs together. Terry’s role in Howie’s career and her unwavering support during his struggles with mental health have been pivotal. Their love story, filled with laughter and resilience, continues to inspire and entertain.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did Howie Mandel and Terry Mandel meet?

Howie and Terry Mandel met as children in Toronto, Canada. They both attended William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute, and their first significant interaction involved Howie borrowing money from Terry to buy french fries.

2. How long have Howie and Terry Mandel been married?

Howie and Terry Mandel have been married since March 16, 1980, marking over 40 years of marriage.

3. How many children do Howie and Terry Mandel have?

The couple has three children: Alex, born in 1989, Jackie, born in 1984, and Riley, born in 1992. They are also grandparents to Jackie’s children, Abbey and Axel.

4. What is Terry Mandel’s profession?

Terry Mandel is a television producer and talent agent. She has worked on projects such as “Howie Mandel: Live from Carnegie Mall” and co-owns The Abstract Talent Agency in Los Angeles with Howie.

5. How has Terry Mandel supported Howie through his struggles with anxiety and OCD?

Terry Mandel has been a significant source of support for Howie throughout his struggles with anxiety and OCD. Her encouragement led Howie to seek therapy and medication, and she has been an anchor for him during challenging times.

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