Eva Amurri Wedding: A Celebration of Love, Family, and Food

Eva Amurri Wedding: A Celebration of Love, Family, and Food

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Eva Amurri, actress and lifestyle blogger, daughter of Susan Sarandon and director Franco Amurri, found her “Happily Eva After” in a heartwarming ceremony that beautifully blended family, food, and love. On June 29, Eva married chef Ian Hock at Windrift Hall in New York’s Hudson Valley. Their wedding was an intimate celebration focused on their little family unit and shared passion for food.

A Personal and Intimate Ceremony

Eva and Ian’s wedding was attended by 40 guests, including Susan Sarandon and her former partner Tim Robbins. The ceremony was inspired by a “French garden party” theme, featuring natural colors that mimicked the estate’s environment, with whimsical touches of chamomile flowers and hints of pale green and blue.

Eva and Ian chose to exchange personal vows, turning them into heartfelt love letters. The ceremony also included a “ring blessing,” where their rings were passed around the rows of guests to infuse them with good energy.

The Dress and Attire

Eva walked down the aisle to a live acoustic rendition of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” wearing a stunning strapless, corseted dress by Kim Kassas, which she purchased at Bridal Reflections in New York City. The dress had a vintage feel and was ultra-feminine without being overly pouffy.

Eva aimed to strike a balance between feeling sexy and elegant, which she felt the dress perfectly achieved. Ian complemented her look with a custom navy blue suit and vest by SuitShop, while Eva’s sons wore custom-sized tan suits also by SuitShop. Susan Sarandon’s custom floral suit, also by SuitShop, matched the garden party theme beautifully.

A Family-Centered Celebration

The couple ensured that their wedding was as much about their children as it was about them. Eva’s son Major walked her down the aisle, a moment she described as unforgettable. The couple’s three children—Marlowe Mae, 9, Major James, 7, and Mateo Antoni, 4—participated in a hand fasting ceremony, selecting ribbons with Eva and Ian for the ritual. The emphasis on family made the wedding incredibly special and personal.

Culinary Delights

Given Eva and Ian’s love for food, it was no surprise that the wedding featured an exquisite culinary experience. Grounded catering prepared a meal cooked over an open fire, featuring Hudson Valley duck, cedar plank salmon, and a variety of vegetables and salads. The food was served family-style alongside grazing tables of charcuterie and cheeses from local purveyors.

The bar showcased local beers, small-vineyard wines, and two craft cocktails: a non-alcoholic berry shrub and a fresh fruit margarita. The couple’s wedding cake was vanilla flavored with macerated fresh raspberries and Italian meringue buttercream, adorned with fresh chamomile flowers that echoed Eva’s bouquet.

Eva’s Second Look

After the ceremony, Eva changed into a second dress by Kim Kassas, a minidress with feather trim, floral lace, and sparkles. She paired it with custom Nike Air Force Ones embellished with pearls and the wedding date, creating a unique look she described as “Priscilla Presley-meets-street style.” This second look allowed Eva to enjoy the reception comfortably and stylishly.

A Unique Love Story

Eva and Ian’s love story began in a nontraditional way. They first met at a restaurant where Ian was the chef, and Eva was very pregnant and newly divorced. Despite the timing, their conversation left a lasting impression on Eva. Their relationship developed slowly and organically, contrasting the usual sequence of dating, engagement, and marriage before kids. Ian proposed in February 2023 in the gardens of the Rodin Museum in Paris, Eva’s favorite place.

Finding Happiness After Divorce

Eva expressed immense gratitude for finding Ian after her divorce, not knowing if marriage would be in her future. She praised Ian for being a loving and considerate partner who supports her and the children, allowing her to embrace her feminine energy and be the mother she wants to be. Ian’s role as a stepparent has been nothing short of incredible, according to Eva. Their relationship, filled with laughter and companionship, truly embodies the idea of finding happiness after hardship.

Conclusion: A Fairytale Ending

Eva Amurri and Ian Hock’s wedding was a testament to their love for each other, their children, and their shared passion for food. The intimate, family-centered celebration at Windrift Hall, adorned with whimsical and natural touches, perfectly encapsulated their journey together. Eva’s “Happily Eva After” is a beautiful reminder that love can be found in unexpected places and times, and that the best celebrations are those that reflect the unique essence of the couple.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where did Eva Amurri and Ian Hock get married?

Eva Amurri and Ian Hock got married at Windrift Hall in New York’s Hudson Valley on June 29.

2. What was the theme of Eva Amurri’s wedding?

The wedding had a “French garden party” theme with natural colors mimicking the environment of the estate, whimsical touches of chamomile flowers, and hints of pale green and blue.

3. What did Eva Amurri wear on her wedding day?

Eva wore a strapless, corseted dress with a column shape and attached billowing skirt by Kim Kassas. She later changed into a minidress with feather trim, floral lace, and sparkles by the same designer.

4. How did Eva and Ian incorporate their children into the wedding?

Eva’s son Major walked her down the aisle, and all three of her children participated in a hand fasting ceremony with ribbons they selected with Eva and Ian. There was no bridal party besides the kids.

5. What unique culinary experiences were featured at the wedding?

The wedding featured a meal cooked over an open fire by Grounded catering, showcasing Hudson Valley duck, cedar plank salmon, various vegetables, and salads. There were also grazing tables of charcuterie and cheeses from local purveyors, and the couple’s bar featured local beers, small-vineyard wines, and craft cocktails.

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