Clermont Twins Before Surgery: Unlocking the Mystery

Clermont Twins Before Surgery: Unlocking the Mystery

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Written By Joe Martin

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Shannade and Shannon Clermont, widely recognised as the Clermont Twins, have captivated audiences with their charm and striking resemblance throughout their career.

However, fans have been curious about the recent discussions surrounding the beauty evolution of the Clermont Twins: Have they undergone any cosmetic procedures? Exploring the details of their transformations, let’s uncover the truth about their appearances before any surgical procedures.

Meet the Clermont Twins

Ever since their first appearance on Bad Girls Club Season 14, the Clermont Twins have established themselves as prominent figures in the entertainment industry.

These sisters from Montclair, born in 1994, have gained recognition for their beauty and talent at the age of 29. They have effortlessly embraced roles as models and fashion designers, further establishing themselves as influential figures in the industry.

Rising Stars

Following their appearance on Bad Girls Club, the Clermont Twins gained a loyal fan base. Despite their sudden departure amidst swirling rumours, their popularity continued to soar.

In 2017, they ventured into the fashion world with the launch of Mont Boudoir, establishing themselves as influential figures in the realm of style. Their transition from reality TV personalities to fashion entrepreneurs demonstrated their talent for engaging audiences and reinventing themselves outside of television.

The Clermont Twins have made a significant impact on the entertainment and fashion industries with their exceptional design sense and captivating style.

The Evolution of Beauty

Observers have noticed subtle changes in the Clermont Twins’ appearances over the years, sparking rumors of cosmetic enhancements. While fans speculate about plastic surgery, the twins’ love for experimenting with different looks is undeniable.

Dispelling the Rumors

Rumors persist about the Clermont Twins’ supposed cosmetic procedures, but it’s crucial to approach such talk with caution. Without solid evidence or statements from the sisters themselves, it’s premature to draw conclusions about their pre-surgery appearances.


As fans continue to admire the Clermont Twins’ beauty journey, one thing is certain: their allure and confidence go beyond physical appearance. Whether or not they’ve had plastic surgery, Shannade and Shannon Clermont continue to captivate audiences with their unique style and unwavering charm.

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