Chiquis Rivera Married: How Chiquis and Lorenzo Are Moving On After Their Painful Split

Chiquis Rivera Married: How Chiquis and Lorenzo Are Moving On After Their Painful Split

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Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez seemed like they were made for each other. The Mexican-American singers shared a deep, soulful connection that culminated in a fairy-tale wedding in 2019. However, their story took a turn when they announced their divorce at the end of 2020, with life in quarantine exacerbating their issues. In a candid interview with La Bronca on the radio show El Free-guey, Chiquis opened up about their breakup. “Right now, I feel really good, but I had very difficult days that I don’t wish upon anybody,” she shared. Here’s a closer look at how they are each moving forward with their lives.

Lorenzo Mendez: Rediscovering His Passion for Music

After their separation, Lorenzo Mendez found solace in his music. Returning to the recording studio and performing on stage, he has been receiving immense love and support from his fans. He recently shared photos from his concert in Colorado, showcasing his renewed energy and dedication to his craft. Lorenzo’s resilience shines through as he embraces life’s challenges with a positive attitude.

Life Lessons and Family Moments

Lorenzo recently posted a photo of himself standing next to a mural that read, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” This message resonates deeply with his journey.

He also celebrated his daughter’s 11th birthday with a heartfelt father-daughter dinner. “You will always be my baby Victoria Nicole Mendez and I will — till my dying breath — do the impossible for you,” he wrote. His commitment to family and his concert tours across U.S. states like Texas, Kansas, and Colorado highlight his dedication to balancing his professional and personal life.

Embracing Positive Vibes and Spirituality

Lorenzo is also reconnecting with nature and his spirituality. He shared beautiful postcards from a recent visit to Lake Michigan, illustrating his journey towards inner peace and growth. This holistic approach to healing has been crucial in helping him move forward.

Chiquis Rivera: Focusing on Career and Family

During this transitional period in her love life, Chiquis Rivera has also turned her attention to her career and family. The Mexican-American singer has been a radiant presence on the small screen as a judge on Estrella TV’s “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento.” Additionally, she has been unstoppable with her business ventures. After two years of hard work, her skincare line, Be Flawless Skin, launched on March 31.

Strong Family Bonds

Chiquis’ family has been her anchor throughout this time. She often shares moments with her siblings, expressing her love and gratitude. Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter reminisces about her engagement to Lorenzo, a romantic proposal at a vineyard in Temecula, California, surrounded by family and friends. This unforgettable moment was captured on the show “The Riveras.”

Transparency and Resilience

In a March interview with E! News, Chiquis spoke about her relationship with Lorenzo. “It’s difficult because every relationship is difficult and more so when you both are in the same industry,” she said. Despite the challenges, Chiquis remains transparent and honest about her feelings, showcasing her resilience.

A Fairy-Tale Wedding

Chiquis and Lorenzo’s wedding was nothing short of magical. During an interview with ET, they recounted their emotional wedding day, with Lorenzo admitting he cried as Chiquis walked down the aisle. Chiquis also felt her late mother, Jenni Rivera’s presence during the ceremony, adding a spiritual touch to their special day.

Navigating Newlywed Life

As newlyweds, Chiquis and Lorenzo faced their fair share of ups and downs. “We have been through quite a bit. We’re still going through things,” Chiquis shared. Despite the challenges, their love and commitment to each other remained strong. Lorenzo expressed his desire to start a family with Chiquis, admiring her nurturing nature.

New Beginnings: Chiquis and Emilio Sanchez

After her painful split from Lorenzo, Chiquis found love again with Emilio Sanchez, a talented photographer. Their love story began in Los Angeles and quickly blossomed. Emilio’s kindness and support helped Chiquis heal and rediscover her confidence.

Celebrating Love and Growth

Chiquis and Emilio’s relationship has been free from the scandals and drama of her past relationships. Chiquis admires Emilio’s maturity and the peace he brings to her life. Their shared hobbies, like hiking, have strengthened their bond. Recently, during a scenic hike, Emilio proposed, marking a new chapter in their love story.


Chiquis Rivera’s journey through love, heartbreak, and healing showcases her resilience and determination. From her fairy-tale wedding with Lorenzo Mendez to finding new love with Emilio Sanchez, Chiquis continues to embrace life’s challenges with grace and positivity. As she moves forward, her focus on career, family, and personal growth remains unwavering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What caused Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez’s divorce?

Chiquis and Lorenzo cited life in quarantine as a significant factor that negatively impacted their relationship, leading to their divorce at the end of 2020.

How has Lorenzo Mendez been coping after the divorce?

Lorenzo has been focusing on his music career, performing concerts, and reconnecting with nature and spirituality to find peace and balance.

What projects has Chiquis Rivera been working on recently?

Chiquis has been busy with her role as a judge on “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento” and launching her skincare line, Be Flawless Skin.

Who is Emilio Sanchez, and how did he meet Chiquis Rivera?

Emilio Sanchez is a talented photographer who met Chiquis at a party hosted by Becky G. Their relationship blossomed from there, and they are now engaged.

How does Chiquis Rivera describe her relationship with Emilio Sanchez?

Chiquis describes her relationship with Emilio as peaceful and supportive, highlighting his kindness and maturity as key factors in their strong bond.

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